William Law, is the author of the book, In the Eye of History, (new edition) that explores the medical evidence through new witness interviews. Law’s interest in the Kennedy assassination began in 1975 with the showing of Abraham Zapruder’s 26-second home movie of the event on Geraldo Rivera’s Goodnight America program.

Later, after reading David Lifton’s book Best Evidence, Law began researching Kennedy’s murder. Results of that research have appeared in the books November Patriots by Constance Kritzberg and Larry Hancock, JFK: The Medical Evidence Reference by Vincent Palamara, Murder In Dealey Plaza edited by James Fetzer, and Paris Flammonde’s opus An Encyclopedic Narrative and Historical and Personal Perspective on The Kennedy Coup d’État.

Law has written for the research periodicals the Kennedy Assassination Chronicles and the Dealey Plaza Echo, is producer of the forthcoming DVD The Gathering, and currently serves as a consultant to film director Brian McKenna for his upcoming documentary Killing Kennedy and one with Mark Sobel to co-produce a documentary on the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Law’s upcoming book, Betrayal, (TrineDay, Nov 2016) is a first person accounting from a member of JFK’s honor guard, Hugh Clark, and his experiences during that history changing event.

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