Kris MilleganKris Millegan – Executive Producer
PUBLISHER – TrineDay.com

Kris is the owner and publisher of Trine Day books, TrineDay.com. He is passionate about revealing the truth and has the most comprehensive catalog of “hidden and suppressed information” in the world. Besides being an accomplished author of Fleshing Out Skull and Bones he is a well known musician.



212_fentonLorien Fenton – Administrative Producer

Lorien has been passionate about the JFK assassination since she watched Lee murdered by Jack Ruby – like every other American that fateful Sunday in November 1963. As the subsequent assassinations occurred, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, she would pour over news clippings for clues. She was fascinated by other related incidents like Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, The Branch Davidians, Jonestown, etc. Her interest lead to the question of “why do assassins do what they do?” Which lead to the MK Ultra Mind Control Programs… then she fell down the “conspiracy rabbit hole” and has not tried to find her way back out. At last year’s Oswald conference, St. John Hunt dubbed Lorien the “modern day Mae Brussell” (check out www.maebrussell.com).


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San Francisco, August 29 — Join Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory on October 14-16, 2016, where he and nationally known researchers and scholars will gather in New Orleans at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-Airport, 2829 Williams Blvd., Kenner, Louisiana for the 3rd annual Lee Harvey Oswald Birthday Conference, this year focusing on “Oswald: The Patsy.” The conference will explore Lee Harvey Oswald’s role in the long-running national nightmare.

“Oswald was a ‘patsy,’ just as he said,” according to event organizer Kris Millegan. “We will be looking at Oswald’s life in New Orleans, explore other topics such as David Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman, and the Garrison trial, plus, testimony from military medical personnel, who were present at JFK’s autopsy, showing the impossibility of Oswald’s alleged actions.”

On Sat, Oct 15th, 8 p.m. there will be a Birthday Party for Lee Harvey Oswald, at The Kamp Restaurant, 2317 Hickory Ave, Harahan, LA 70124 (504) 737-5267 with Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory.

Seating is limited at all events, so early registration is encouraged. Contact producers Kris Millegan and Lorien Fenton through the website’s contact page; and for more information, including the list of speakers, and their biographies, the schedule, and to purchase your ticket visit http://oswaldconference.com.